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As a startup you face long hours, the struggle for funding, wearing many hats, budget constraints, the pressure to release your product on time and quickly ramp revenue.  As CEO for three successful startups and consultant on many more, I understand these challenges.  Working as a sounding board or a second set of eyes, my proven process and approach can provide creative alternatives to help you reach your goals faster.


Marketing gets the word out about the value you bring and cost-effective marketing is critical to your success.  Use me as much, or as little as you need - to work with your existing team, or develop and execute your marketing plan entirely.

Tech Startup Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consultant for Tech Startups
Marketing Consultant forTech Startups
Marketing Consultant for Technical Startups

Little mistakes can be costly.  You may not need an overhaul, but rather just a nudge to get you moving in the right direction.  I can help guide your business and marketing strategy, win funding, maintain focus on what's really important, and avoid costly oversights.  I bring an analytic approach and a proven process to get the most from your go-to-market strategy.   My help can pay for itself many times over.




With a strong technical background, I speak your language .  As an engineer, I can quickly understand and help capture subtle yet important advantages of your technology that  belong at the heart of your brand.  I help define what makes you special and how to present it in a way that customers can quickly understand and connect with.

I understand the challenges facing startups.  Chances are you may not have budget  to add permanent headcount in each area where you need help, nor the time to do everything yourself.


Like you, I am experienced and comfortable working in many areas; eager to roll up my sleeves to get the job done.


In addition to helping  create and execute your go-to-market strategy, I can polish your funding pitch,  seek key suppliers and outsourcing alternatives,  distribution channels, define key accounts and decision makers, and identify and help bring online  third party customer call centers, fulfillment centers, and service centers.


I've been there and done that, and am ready to do it for you.

DO IT RIGHT,                FROM THE START

Tech Startup Marketing Consultant


Whether you  need a second opinion on your business and marketing strategy, help to bolster your marketing effort, or someone to do it all, I can help with:

Tech Startup Marketing Consultant
  •   Marketing Plan and Promotional Strategy and Execution

  •  Startup Funding Proposals

  •  Key Strategic Partners, Tools  and Outsourcing Alternatives

  •  Market Research and Competitive Analysis

  •  Core Value Proposition, Brand Strategy and Messaging

  •  Identify Key Accounts and Contacts
  •  Social Media, Online Advertising Management and Promotion

  •  Customer Call Centers and Order Fulfillment

  •  Sales Process and Distribution Development


  •  Web Site Development and Key Sales Tools

  •  Marketing Communications and Press

  •  New Product Introduction and Marketing Launch


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Technology Marketing Consultant for New Product Introduction Revenue and Market Share Growth for Tech Companies

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