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Microelectronics Marketing Consultant

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You have developed a superior product or service and a good reputation in your field.  You have built  your customer base through recommendations, some advertising and a modest  online presence. But what now?  How do you take your business to the next level and really grow the business?  You are seeking new ideas, new directions, and access to new markets to grow your business.

Consider me an outsourced Director of Marketing, or an insurance policy, to fill in the gaps and ensure the success of your new company.  With experience  as CEO for three new companies, and over 40 successful new product introductions, I can help you avoid critical mistakes, increase speed to market and dramatically improve your odds of success. You’ll get a much higher level of expertise, for far less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Little mistakes can be costly.  You may not need an overhaul, but rather just a nudge to get you moving in the right direction. Use me as much, or as little as you need -- to work with your existing team, or execute your marketing program entirely. It's a service that can pay for itself, many times over.



Why Technical Marketing?


Technical Marketing focuses closely on the specifications and key features of a product or technology, crafting a message and promotional campaign targeted specifically to your technology-savvy customers. Often, the ability to understand and effectively communicate and sell subtle technical differences can be crucial to success or failure.  Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”


When done well, this can appear easy, but behind the curtain is the requirement of thorough market research of competitors and new developments and trends within the industry.  Technical Marketing requires a strong technical background, excellent marketing abilities, and solid management skills to encourage participation across a wide range of cross-functional team members.


In addition to classical marketing tasks (brand messaging, web site development, lead generation, promotion, distribution, pricing), marketing for technology companies requires a solid technical background and understanding.  Examples include the development of Market Requirement Definition documents, technology white papers, exhibition technical presentations, analysis of competitive products and claims, and funding proposals.


Bringing these skills, a proven track record, and a passion for both technology and marketing, I can help shorten your company’s path to success.  I can help make sure you do it right, from the start.



New Product Launch

About Me:


• More than 26 years’ experience growing revenue  and market share with industry leaders


• Over 40 successful new product launches


• Experienced tech startup CEO


• Global view - lived and worked on 5 continents


• Strong educational background


• Proven process to help you quickly find the right message and marketing mix, allowing you to grow both your revenue and market share.

Let's talk. I'd love to learn about your business.


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