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Photonics and Laser Marketing Consultant


One size doesn't fit all.  My proven process and flexible approach help create your voice and develop your strategy and tactics to get the most out of your marketing budget in the shortest amount of time.

Laser Marketing Consultant


With a solid track record among the largest photonics companies in the industry, and over 50 successful new product introductions,  I can shorten your path to success.

Laser and Photonics Marketing Consultant

On Call

As a second set of eyes for your marketing strategy, an extra set of hands to help with the heavy lifting of your  next new product launch, or a voice to help generate generate buzz within the photonics industry,  use me as much, or as little as you need.

New Product Launch

Why Technical Marketing?


Technical Marketing focuses on your unique technology, crafting a message and promotional campaign that specifically addresses the needs of your tech-savvy customers. The ability to understand and effectively communicate  subtle technical differences and advantages is critical to your success or failure.  Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”


My photonics experpience and marketing expertise shorten your company’s path to success.  I can help make sure you do it right, from the start.


About Me:


Over 20 years experience in the photonics industry with a strong track record of revenue and market share growth for TRUMPF, Coherent and Newport Spectra-Physics.


• Over 50 successful new product launches totaling an equivalent annual revenue increase of over $250M


• Experienced tech startup CEO


• Global experience, having lived and worked on 5 continents


• Strong educational background


• Proven process to help you quickly find the right message and marketing mix, allowing you to grow revenue and market share quickly.


New Product Launch
New Product Launch Marketing Consultant

Let's talk. I'd love to learn about your business.


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Technology Marketing Consultant

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