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Tim Edwards has more than 27 years of experience growing revenue and market share in technology-based businesses.  His combination of technical knowledge and marketing experience help convey subtle yet important technology advantages.  His proven process has been used to launch more than 50 successful new products, resulting in over $200 million of increased revenue.


After his start as a design engineer, earning several patents for innovative designs, Tim transitioned into sales of technology-based products in Geneva, the Pacific Rim and Santiago, Chile. He served as Managing Director for a startup technology company in Hartford, CT manufacturing laser systems.   He’s held several senior level marketing positions and worked as a marketing consultant in multiple industries such as Medical Devices, Automotive and Semiconductor manufacturing—growing revenue and market share in each.  He has worked as the CEO of three successful startups.


An engineering graduate of the University of Missouri, Tim did his post-graduate work at Washington University in St. Louis and Stanford, earning master's degrees in Marketing, Economics and Consumer Psychology. Tim is fluent in English and Spanish and now lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and three children.



New Product Launch with Tim Edwards. Marketing Consultant

My Approach

After many years of working with market leading companies, I saw the opportunity to help smaller companies to accelerate growth using proven marketing strategies. My background in engineering, marketing and new product development offered a unique perspective from which to help smaller companies grow. And thus, Growth Technical Marketing was born.



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