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Would 27 years of experience help move your company to the next level? GROW WITH CONFIDENCE


New Product Launch
Companies are built upon years of hard work and determination. As a marketing consultant, I can help you drive results, from marketing strategy to execution. I can help communicate the value proposition of your technology and get results with a fast, affordable approach. You can get it 90% right, and still not achieve
the results you are seeking. Unfortunately, the saying "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door" simply isn't true. Many ground-breaking products have failed. How you take your product to market is what determines success. Having a great product is not enough.


Do it right, from the start.
Little mistakes can be very costly. You may not need an overhaul, but rather just a nudge to get your launch moving in the right direction. Use me as a marketing consultant as much, or as little as you need -- to work with your existing team, or execute your marketing program entirely. It's a service that can pay for itself, many times over.
New Product Launch Technology Marketing Consultant
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